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Stars on the Wall

The Go Find’s previous album, 2004’s Miami, was most often compared to the Postal Service’s output for its breathy vocals and electronic-pop style, a comparison that remains apt for the stuporously one-note Stars on the Wall. Sure, Antwerpian singer Dieter Sermeus had his live band contribute to this record — he opted for the solo approach on Miami — but he remains the most uncanny Ben Gibbard impersonator in a sector of the musical universe that’s littered with them. The Go Find is the Postal Service for your tweenaged sister or your Jack Johnsonloving dental hygienist.



On Stars on the Wall, Sermeus has dialed down the focused electronica of Miami for a diffused atmospheric keyboard sound, employing vintage synths, Moogs and organs. The rhythm consists of rote electronic beats that meander functionally with all the allure of watching the dashed highway lines pass on a day-long drive.


“Dictionary” picks up the pep a bit, an adult-contempo electro-pop groove over which Sermeus croons delicately, presumably swaying side-to-side with his hands clasped earnestly between his thighs. Lyrically he traffics in lazy, junior-high-notebook poetry, signing “You’re a dictionary without an ending/ The book that I like to read” in his hammy singing style. Later, he starts to open up, rhapsodizing with profundity how “You’re the dream that I’d like to sleep through/ The page that I don’t want to turn.”


Schmaltzy, histrionic and without a trace of originality, the instantly forgettable Stars on the Wall burns out well after it has worn out its welcome.



Artist: http://thegofind.com/blog/

Label: http://www.morrmusic.com/

Audio: http://www.myspace.com/thegofindmorrmusic

Dictionary” MP3: http://www.snapdrive.net/files/288048/02%20Dictionary.mp3