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Robotique Majestique

Mastered by Nilesh Patel (Daft Punk, Depeche Mode), Robotique Majestique has the Austin-based Ghostland Observatory throwing down a solid, synth-heavy version of their stateside electro-punk, making their third release less guitar influenced than the occasional rock moments of Paparazzi Lightning (the duo’s 2006 debut) and  2007’s Delete. Delete. I. Eat. Meat.


Freaky beats and big synth sounds create a substantially more electronic and lounge-friendly landscape, with Aaron Behrens snarling all the way like a post-modern Freddie Mercury. Still, Robotique invites every reference from Daft Punk to Prince, from Green Velvet to Chemical Brothers, proving that the members of Ghostland have yet to stray much further than the realm of their influences.



Band: http://www.myspace.com/ghostlandobservatory 

Label: http://www.trashymoped.com