It’s kind of amazing that after 16 years as a rock star, a marriage and a new child, Rivers Cuomo is still singing about how chicks don’t dig him. In Raditude, the frontman reasserts his ability to describe mundane events, like watching “Titanic” and going to Best Buy in “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To,” with sunny harmonies that barely mask his sexual frustration. Even the dominating lyrics of “I’m Your Daddy” are supremely tongue-in-cheek. Silly stuff, for sure, but Cuomo’s hooks are undeniable.


    Sonically, the lean disc is more in line with Weezer’s recent work and the overall mood is playful — with plenty of lyrical references to a radder era (from Slayer T-shirts to feathered hair). Electro-skewing tracks like “Can’t Stop Partying” could’ve easily become a gimmick with the appearance of Lil Wayne (“Please don’t shoot me down/ Because I’m an endangered species”). But the triumphant and neurotic anthem “Let It All Hang Out” reveals that at the core of Raditude is a guy with a guitar and Buddy Holly glasses, trying to write a clever pop tune. And he could probably use a hug.


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