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I once asked Yung Joc what would separate New Joc City from other albums coming out from the South. His answer was pretty generic. He said his mixture of catchy hooks and real-life shit would give a whole new meaning to what people perceive as Southern hip-hop. And although his debut has done considerably well (ignited by the crack-like addictive single, "It's Goin' Down"), the rest of the album does not provide enough ammo to put Yung Joc in the same group as the South's elite (T.I., UGK) or even distinguish him from his "young" contemporaries such as Jeezy and Dro.


The album starts off with the obligatory intro, with the narrator setting up the album as a motion picture. If, in fact, this was a film, let's just say it'd be more Snakes on a Plane than World Trade Center. You won't be walking away with many insightful, emotional bars and hooks, but the eye candy (or, in this case, "ear candy") can keep you occupied for an hour or so.


After the first track, the marketing genius that is Diddy throws in "It's Goin' Down" to get us amped up for less-inspiring tracks such as "Do Ya Bad" and "Don't Play With It." Joc seems to hit his stride with "Dope Boy Magic," a decent song filled with drug stories and hustling, and what could very well be his third single, "Flip Flop," featuring Boyz N Da Hood and Cheri Dennis. 


After the average "I'm Him" and "Hear Me Coming," in comes his latest single, "I Know You See It." It may not be as catchy as "It's Goin' Down," but it's still amazing that he created a hit with a hook involving "eeny, meeny, miney, mo." Joc closes out his first full-length with a so-so oration of his first time, aptly titled "1st Time" and featuring Marques Houston. He quickly transitions from virgin into full pimp mode on "Knock It Out," boasting in the chorus, "I knock the pussy out, knock it out, knock it out," before ending with one of his best offerings, "Picture Perfect."


Yung Joc has rightfully sold a lot of records, but it's too bad he didn't offer a little bit more with the huge platform he has in front of him.


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