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Morning Tide

It’s an old story: young band signs with big label, makes a record of stunning, infectious pop music, and then big label drops young band, which then falls into a shadowy obscurity that is only occasionally broken up by the slats of dusty sunlight that peer into the used bin.


If there’s any justice in the music world, the Little Ones will not end up that way. The band was dropped from Astralwerks earlier this year after releasing the Sing Song EP in 2006. The EP is a roller coaster of pop hooks and starburst melodies, a condensed burst of blinding exuberance. The band’s debut full-length, Morning Tide — released on Chop Shop Records — allows that sound to sprawl and unfurl.


The skittering bounce of the title track and the blissed, clattering sway of “Boracay” echo the EP, and other tracks (most especially the slowmotion “Waltz” and the gorgeous closer, “Farm Song”) expand and broaden the Little Ones’ sound into slower tempos and more experimental structures.


And that odd, repetitive thudding sound you hear? It’s the folks at Astralwerks repeatedly slapping their foreheads in time to the lovely summer pop of “All Your Modern Boxes.”