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Magic Love & Dreams EP

Magic Love & Dreams EP


Magic Love & Dreams EP

Magic Wands' Chris and Dexy Valentine are clearly trying to rack up some points in the adorability department. Their aliases have the same last name, they wear matching Ray-Bans at all times, and of course, their band is called Magic Wands. Fortunately for them, their bubblegum garage-pop lands squarely on the sunny side of cute.


It's possible, of course, that Magic Wands' specific brand of pop-rock could begin to grow tired on a full-length release. But the 12-minute-long Magic Love & Dreams EP doesn't even begin to wear thin. The whole EP is covered with the cosmic haze of dream-pop, while the Valentines maintain the attitude of punk kids. They casually mouth off lyrics like, "Our love is blue/ Our hearts are blue/ All love is blue/ It's true," in "Teenage Love," which could have exposed Magic Wands as having a stunning lack of self-awareness, but actually the opposite is true.


Obvious image-tailoring like such as this can be either obnoxious or charming, depending on how sincerely it comes across. The key to determining that sincerity is of course, the music that the image is pushing. As long as Magic Wands can sing convincingly for three-plus minutes, then they can successfully toe the line between obnoxiously cute and genuinely adorable.