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London EP

Los Angeles vocalist BANKS has grown quite a reputation in a short time. It all started with her sultry single “Warm Water” which was produced by T.E.E.D. (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs). It was a somber loungy beat driven single that captivated many ears. Her soothing vocals along with the song’s hook really set a wave through the blogosphere. In fact, Prefix had the opportunity to premiere two remixes by rising DJ producers Figgy and Chuck Wild. And since “Warm Water” we’ve heard out sultry singles such as “Fall Over” and “Before I Ever Met You.”

In addition to the buzzing tracks we’ve heard, four more have been released in the form of her debut EP titled London. It only containing four songs, but the EP truly culminates all of the dark and grueling sounds that the artist has infused in her singles.

Opening the EP with “Waiting Game” (produced by SOHN), we find the songstress heading into even darker territory than where we’ve heard her before. Starting off with what sounds a cult chanting in unison only to be broken by BANKS’ strong signature voice; it opens up the EP hauntingly. She sounds much more fragile and lonely in the opener. Following would be the Lil Silva and Jamie Woon produced “This Is What It Feels Like.” The production twists and warps beats and vocals croon as hiding in caverns. Next she teams up with T.E.E.D. once again for another somber single. Eventually it all ends with one her most uplifting tracks “Change” (produced by Tim Anderson). The songs bring her out of the darkness that she’s been looming in and into the light.

Along with her collaborators, BANKS has created an exquisite short piece that’ll have listeners accompanying her on her emotional journey. Every little sound that moves along with her powerful vocals evokes emotions that are usually hard to depict in such a short amount of time. And in our interview with the artist she had stated that “Human emotion is so beautiful, why would anyone hide it?” She triumphantly succeeds in displaying what it means to not sugar-coat pop music in London.


Artist: http://www.hernameisbanks.com


Label: http://www.harvestrecords.com