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Jung Ahh Fleisch

Call this Choral Manouevers in the Dark. Walter & Sabrina echo the classical and the avant-garde with their Weimar decadence-meets-Mothers of Invention sonic explorations. Jarring and hypnotic, mythical and gutter gritty, Jung Ahh Fleisch is a challenging work that dwells on the awkward and perverse, placing Walter & Sabrina in a context where operatic vocals drive the narrative. The odd time singatures of brass, strings and white noise add to the disorientationof songs that on the surface are disjointed but beautiful arias but lyrically are explorations of vulnerable and terrible sexual confusion. The dark charm of this record is deeply unsettling.


On the follow-up to last year’s We Sing for the Future, Steven Moore and Walter Cardew create little jarring morality plays with centuries of musical ideas at their disposal. Here, they are joined by the Dietrich Eichmann Ensemble, a slew of woodwind and string players and, most effectively, Celia Lu , a soprano who serves as the tour guide through most of the record, with able backing by tenors Peter Crawford and Samuel Penkett.


The beauty and emotinal depth of the performances might lead us to remain at that surface level, but the real meat is in the menacing and fragile lyrics. "Descending to Earth With Mercury," "Big Tits-Young Age" and "Thought She Was Special Again" reveal a terrible narrative of hope and failure through sex, and stunning random lines are found on all eight tracks: "Have we then, from god to man/ Human sunrise to crinkled, stupid talking, lorry drivers slut" and "The dress suggests a lovely/ Awful lots more" and "But all things within limits/ Adjusted, will regulate the vey animation of life" and "It fucked her/ Though hadn’t not even tried force/ Though she ran don’t touch me, don’t touch me."


The final track is the most noisy and chaotic. "Is That Nice?" implies that the experiences, damage and wisdom gained from these sexual psalms will always be elusive, in flux. Jung Ahh Fleisch is Walter & Sabrina’s daring ode to appetite and to the epic moral choices often implicit in each randy thought. In that sense, it too is a moral and not exploitive peek at the horrors that can lie behind the most common pleaures.


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Label: http://www.dannydarkrecords.com