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For some reason when I saw the recent cover of Bust magazine with Peaches on the cover, I had to buy it. I don't know if it was the golden superhero-esque lingerie she sported or the fact that I knew it would be a great read no matter the subject matter. Years ago, it would have been laughable to imagine Peaches (born Merrill Nisker) on the cover of a magazine, but with the release of her third full-length, Impeach My Bush, she is receiving perhaps the biggest push of her career.


Impeach My Bush isn't for those whiny hip-hop purists who criticize anybody who picks up a mike and isn't out trying to save the world. But it is for people who are willing to have a little fun. With song titles such as "Tent in Your Pants" and "Slippery Dick," what else could you expect?


The beat to "Tent in Your Pants," the first real song after a short intro, sounds like it came from one of Pharrell's less-inspired sessions (no, it's not Neptunes produced), but Peaches turns it into a sure-fire party starter. If you're not careful, you may find yourself singing the catchy chorus -- "the tent's so big in your pants, baby/ gonna bring my face for a dance baby" -- at work.


A few tracks later, the enjoyable "Boys Wanna Be Here" shows Peaches doing her best Karen O impression to a background of heavy guitar riffs, while "Downtown" is another in a classic line of Peaches dance hits. Heck, it even garnered high praise from New York magazine's "Approval Matrix." Following that single is "Two Guys for Every Girl," a song that would have Jim Jones screaming "no homo" every five seconds.


The rest of the album is a mix of techno and hip-hop beats -- all of which are a bit more advanced than the ones on her previous efforts, including 2003's Fatherfucker -- and rock-heavy songs such as "You Love It," "Give 'Er," and the latest Gap anthem, "Do Ya." It shows one thing: Impeach My Bush is Peaches' best effort yet. Who would have thought five years ago that someone singing about sucking on her titties would be the spokesperson for khaki pants and V-neck sweaters?


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Artist: http://www.peachesrocks.com/

Label: http://www.xlrecordings.com/

"Downtown" video

Audio: http://www.myspace.com/peaches
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