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The debut for a band is usually to capture the band’s rawness and find their early creativity as an introduction to a listener. But Factory Floor’s debut is as captivating as many veteran albums, with more than enough variety and sheer artistic scope – these songs are fully realized and fleshed out to a staggering surprise. You’ll get lost, return to Earth, and then literally drop your jaw at the realization that this is the first full-length album this band has created. Granted, they’ve had three years to formulate the most precise notes to feature on the album, but it’s still shocking to see this product to be as successful as it is. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better debut album this year.

Repetition is either one of two things – annoying or meaningful. Factory Floor’s debut album has a lot of repetition, with gyrating, colorful rhythms colliding with dimmed ambitious synthetic melodies. Pushing the primal and cerebral nature of the repetition is the mystery of the distant and mysterious vocals. Factory Floor’s debut also thrives in darkness – brooding, negative moods which exude from every note. If you can imagine disco mashed with post-punk and a definite ambient influence, you’re prepared for Factory Floor.

From the start, “Fall Back” impressively introduces the many elements of the band’s intense soundscapes. A pulsating beat thumps along hissing, various percussion with random vocals sputtering in and out, pulling you in. Every second of Factory Floor depends on your full, unyielding will – you can choose to hear this as background noise that fills your penchant for complex layers of instrumentation or alternatively find yourself deep in every note’s placement, noticing every miniscule detail of every delicate noise. Either one is applicable for this behemoth – nearly every song is over six minutes in length. 

“Here Again” has Factory Floor showcasing their sound as a true factory floor – starting with a small product, adding layers upon layers of synthetic sound, and finishing the product where it began. Sure, you’re staring at a song at the end of the day, but where it goes is exciting. The unrelenting synth melody permeates throughout, followed by drum fills – be it restricted or excessive – and vocals that shudder out of the darkest of corners. At some point, it’s easy to recognize nearly all of the tracks on this album have the very same characteristics, but are totally different journeys from start to finish.

Another surprising feature of Factory Floor is its accessibility. Throughout tracks, all of the gyrating, bursting-at-the-seams-full melodies dance in your ears and latch on for a solid moment, grasping your memory receptors and disallowing any blockade. The buzzing, the snare snaps, the downtempo interludes – all of it will make it in your brain for weeks to come. If you allow yourself to use this album as background noise, you won’t be able to tell the difference from one track or another – which is a good thing. It disallows anyone saying, “Oh, let’s listen to the single.” You’re hard pressed to listen to the whole album, just how it was intended. This doesn’t make for the best execution or smartest move, but Factory Floor, at the very least, win in achieving the album over the single.

Factory Floor’s debut is a cerebral voyage through various synthetic textures and fully realized potential. Crafting these tracks for months and years on end has only built a certain amount of hype to daze the expectants.  Overall, Factory Floor avoids disappointment and pushes their full sound to the maximum, leaving zero remarks about where to go next. Factory Floor achieves something that many albums don’t – it serves up as a impressive album with no expectation. It is for right now. The future can wait. You’ve still got a hell of a listen to enjoy.


Artist: https://www.facebook.com/factoryfloor
Music: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/factory-floor/id690108427
Label:  http://dfarecords.com/