Youtuber Remakes “Feel Good Inc” by Gorillaz Using Floppy Disks And Hard Drives

    Pawel Zadrozniak uses retro technology to engineer all of his music


    A Polish Youtuber named Pawel Zadrozniak recently published his creative reworking of Gorillaz hit “Feel Good Inc” to his channel on the site. Less than a week later, the new upload has earned over 250,000 views and counting. The reason behind the Internet’s fascination with the video? In order to make the song his own, the innovative producer used a self-made symphony of floppy disks and hard drives.

    As a former student of the AGH University of Science And Technology, Zadrozniak is no rookie when it comes to sound engineering. Though most of his website (independent from his Youtube channel) reads in Polish, even the most monolingual of international fans can find posts dating back to six years ago which feature his focus on the use of floppy discs in music production.

    The Floppotron: “Feel Good Inc.” (Gorillaz Cover)

    Now a seasoned pro, the Youtuber uses a machine he has dubbed ‘The Floppotron’ to reincarnate everything from “All Star” by Smash Mouth to “The Imperial March” through newly robotic means. The Floppotron consists of a DIY setup of floppy disks and hard drives which collectively form a franken-orchestra of old-school technology. It is this setup which starred in Zadrozniak’s popular take on the Gorillaz classic.

    The original “Feel Good Inc” (released in 2005) famously combined Damon Albarn’s pensive pop with the eclectic hip hop of De La Soul to produce a unique, era-defining sound. While much of the song’s enduring legacy can be attributed to its extensive use in movies, television shows, and videos games, it is also memorable in its representation of a quality for which the virtual band is known: incredibly creative, digitally-innovative production.

    Whether that makes it a perfect candidate for Zadrozniak’s unconventional project or simply sets the bar too high is a matter of opinion, though fans have responded notably positively to his nostalgia-inducing approach. Reddit user Twelvey cited a quote from Ludwig Wittgenstein to sum up their approval of the quirky cover:

    “If people never did silly things nothing intelligent would ever get done.”