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Yo La Tengo Come Clean About Condo Fucks


Yo La Tengo do so much for so many people. And now they’ve done something more: prove that you’re never too old to start a joke band.


Guitarist Ira Kaplan recently spoke with the Hartford Advocate about the YLT one-off project, Condo Fucks, and its contrived New London, Connecticut heritage.


When probed about the extent of the joke, he said, "Our photos are on the album cover. We talk about it on our Web site."


Oh. It wasn’t some massively constructed sceme after all — so much for that weird promotional video Matador issued a couple of weeks back.


For one reason or another the article lacks in actual, salient quotes, but it’s worth a read, if only to remember why Yo La Tengo are both the best indie rock band ever and the one that most resembles your mom’s three friends.


Condo Fucks’ album, Fuckbook, is out now and it’s actually very good – if you’re into that balls-to-the-wall CT sound. [Hartford Advocate]