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XTC Alter-Ego Dukes of Stratosphear to be Reissued


XTC began life as post-punks, as edgy and angular as anything this side of Wire, but in the mid-’80s they indulged their interest in the sounds of the ’60s by recording an EP and LP in the guise of their psychedelic alter-ego, The Dukes of Stratosphear. It seems likely that these excursions had an influence on two of XTC’s finest latter-day albums, Skylarking and Oranges and Lemons, and now these pieces of pop history will have their day in the sun once more.


Former XTC mastermind Andy Partridge is set to reissue both the Dukes EP, 25 O’Clock, and the album, Psonic Psunspot, on his own Ape House label in the late spring. As you’d expect from such an assiduous archivist as Partridge, both discs will come fully loaded with bonus material, including demos, videos, previously unreleased tunes, and more.