Woman claims Johnny Rotten punched her over shoddy hotel room

    Everyone knows that Johnny Rotten is a major tool and a talentless clown (short of a few PiL songs), but is he capable of punching a female assistant? Quite capable, says Roxane Davis in a lawsuit she filed this week in Los Angeles. Davis, who was an assistant on a battle-of-the-bands competition TV show, alleges that Rotten "cocked back his fist and punched her in the face." This followed an angry tirade in which Rotten called her a "fat f-ing c*nt," a "fat f-ing whore," and also just plain "bitch," "c*nt" and "whore." Sweet guy, Rotten is.


    Davis was responsible for handling all of Rotten’s accommodations while he was in town. She claims he went apeshit when he realized that his room at the Radisson Hotel didn’t have a connecting door to his personal assistant’s room. His assistant is named Rambo. Really. The complaint says, "Since the rooms did not have connecting doors, Rotten would be forced to open his hotel door, step outside of his room into the hallway and walk a couple feet in order to be able to enter Rambo’s hotel room next to him." Yeah, we know what you’re thinking: Bitch had it coming to her. 


    Davis told him that the hotel didn’t have any connecting rooms and she was looking into booking him into a different hotel for the following night. Not good enough for Johnny. So he punched her. Allegedly. Davis complained to her boss who allegedly said to her, "You get paid to be treated like shit, you get paid to take the shit … now get back to Rotten."


    However, Rotten didn’t want any more of her. He demanded that she not be on the set when he was there. Davis claims she was fired three days later. Davis made several other allegations against the company she worked for — the show that taped over a year ago was called "Bodog Battle of the Bands" — including some pretty nasty job duties such as going to strip clubs to "test out" the strippers before booking tables for the show’s staffers and guests.  Check out the full complaint here.