White’s Bond theme features Memphis Horns and “electric” Keys

    After Amy Winehouse did some talking last week about the Bond theme that didn’t get made, Jack White dropped a few details about the duet that did. The White Stripes frontman said that the Quantum of Solace theme finally gave him the chance to collaborate with Alicia Keys, an opportunity that he exploited to the fullest:

    “Alicia put some electric energy into her breath that cemented itself into the magnetic tape. Very inspiring to watch. Working together gave me a new voice, and I wasn’t myself anymore. I drummed for her voice and she mimicked the guitar tones, then we joined our voices and screamed and moaned about these characters in the film and their isolation, having no one to trust, not even themselves. Maybe we became them for a few minutes."

    White added that the Memphis Horns played on the track, as well musicians he referred to as “some of Nashville’s finest.” “Another Way to Die,” the first duet in the history of the franchise, will hit theaters in front of Quantum of Solace in November. [NME]