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What Is Led Zeppelin Counting Down To?


They’ve been beasting at rock for decades, but it seems Led Zeppelin only just realized that the internet can be used to tease, tantalize, even torture their fans. A mysterious image appeared yesterday on the group’s official Facebook page, leading to ecstatic and anxious fan discussion about what it could all mean. The image–the word “five” written in Houses of the Holy type–originally inspired some fans to speculate that a Zeppelin V album could somehow be in the works. That hope was soon crushed by another image uploaded today, though–a gold “four” in the LZ IV font. 

Why is Zeppelin counting backwards from Houses? The most credible rumor so far is that it’s to stir up excitement for an upcoming DVD release of their 2007 O2 reunion concert, which went down precisely five years ago. The more optimistic of the band’s fans are still holding out for a reunion tour or a new record, which, given past comments from Robert Plant, doesn’t seem very likely. Still–the band’s cooking up something new, and if my math serves me, we’ll find out what it is on Thursday or so. Stay tuned.