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Weezer Releases Brilliant State Farm Insurance Jingle (Really!)



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Check out this pretty awesome new Weezer single, “Like a Good Neighbor (State Farm is There).” Yep, Weezer’s follow-up to last year’s Hurley sounds like a little like vintage “Blue Album” or Pinkerton-era Rivers Cuomo songwriting, complete with those self-deprecating, mournful sounding vocals set to a catchy pop-rock rhythm.


Now, folks ranging from YouTube users to Consequence of Sound readers to New York Magazine writers are praising the band for tapping into its musical roots to create the sort of material that made Weezer famous. But, they’re also criticizing the band for wasting what they consider to be the best Weezer song in over decade on a commercial for car insurance. Rivers, you just can’t win with these critics, not that you’ve ever tried to before. [CoS]