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Watch The New Bon Iver Grammy Commercial


The Grammy Awards (54th Edition) are shortly away, going live on Feb. 12, and in case you’ve missed it, Bon Iver’s holding some pretty heavy positions throughout the show. They’re up for Best New Artist, their song “Holocene” is up for both Song of the Year and Record of the Year, and their self-titled album Bon Iver holds down a nomination for Alternative Album of the Year. Pretty impressive considering they’re taking the “coming-from-the-underground” Arcade Fire route. 

All the lauds aside, the Recording Academy and ad partner TBWA\Chiat\Day (yeah, that’s the real name) felt it proper to team up and give the band a promo commercial showcasing their aforementioned single “Halocene” as part of their We Are Music campaign with the Grammys.

The visuals are the fit you’d figure for the track: a dismal, desolate, lonely, [enter more synonyms for depressing] winterscape that is further stripped of all life in order to form an outline of Bon Iver. Try to dig into the symbolism of that one.

Here’s the commercial (via Stereogum). If you’re looking for a little more, head over to We Are Music for an additional vertiginous visual experience. This is one of four videos to come, the others being Adele, Foo Fighters, and yes, Skrillex. You know Kanye and Jay are writhing over their exclusion.