Watch: News Reporter Mistakes For Wyclef Jean… And Then Wale

    With Barack Obama reclaiming the Presidency (#2termz!) and, as they say, pissing on Mitt Romney’s bonfire last night, countless memes, gifs and videos of teary-eyed Republicans have been been providing the post-Election Day laughs this fine Wednesday.

    But not many have quite matched the hilarity—and pure embarrassment—of one Blake Burman, reporter for Miami/Fort Lauderdale’s Channel 7 News, who struggled to correctly identify the world famous Black Eyed Peas frontman live on TV.

    Standing next to the popstar, producer and entrepeneur as he spoke with UK TV’s Sky News, Burman told the good people at home “that’s Wyclef Jean.” He then gets word from a person behind the camera—presumably someone with a shred of pop culture knowledge—that it is in fact not the Fugees rapper, only to then cement his palm to his face by saying it’s Wale.

    Another 30 painstaking seconds pass before Blake finally gets it right. But hey, we’re not here to crucify; it’s an easy mistake to make. That W is a tricky letter.