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Watch: Kanye Dancers Perform “Runaway” On A Plane


If you’ve seen Kanye West on tour recently, you’ve seen him at his high-concept best. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy allowed him to indulge in some expensive sounds and guest stars, and his live shows have followed suit with unbelievable stage design, lights, and costumes.

To be expected, his backup dancers are on top of their game as well. So following Kanye’s recent tour of Australia, the dancers decided to film an ode to Yeezy and “Runaway” wherein they dance to the song on a plane.

It looks like it’s the actual flight back home–there are more than a few bemused lookers-on. Also, the confused guy just trying to get back to his seat his pretty priceless. Let’s have a toast to the dancers. [You Heard That New]