Watch Goodie Mob Perform On Billboard Awards, Pay Tribute To Beastie Boys

    Goodie Mob were on the Billboard Awards last night, and they performed a new song called “Fight to Win.” They ended their performance with a bit of the Beastie Boys’ “Fight For Your Right.” That’s the information you need. But let’s talk about the Goodie Mob reunion below.

    I guess we should be applauding Cee-Lo for using his unforeseen and ridiculous new fame to bring back the guys who used to be in his groundbreaking rap group. But now the group is being billed as “Cee-Lo Green and Goodie Mob,” turning this once dominant rap group into Cee-Lo’s backing band. They’re like the non-Fergie and dudes in Black Eyed Peas now: They get a few bars a song, and no one can name them. I guess you can’t get too mad about this: The other guys in Goodie Mob are obviously cool with this. I bet they have bills, and Cee-Lo has always sort of been the most famous guy anyway. But still, this isn’t what we all imagined when Goodie Mob announced their reunion.