Watch G-Dragon’s Count Down To ‘One Of A Kind’ EP Release

    YG Entertainment you can say is the swaggiest entertainment company/label in South Korea. You may already know one of their artists: PSY. They represent most of the top hip-hop, rnb, dance and K-pop groups in the country. 

    Well, if you’d like to see just how much swag the label has, check out this video countdown of G-Dragon’s One of A Kind mini-album (EP) release. The company literally video taped around 36 of the final minutes until the official release of the album. In the video you’ll get to see G-Dragon show off the special edition versions of the the mini-album. You’ll get to see guests in the 3rd floor studio such as Lydia, Taeyang, Jiyong and Tablo. Oh yes, there’s some edible goodies laminating the table as well.

    And don’t worry, if you don’t know Korean – the video has been conveniently subtitled.

    G-Dragon’s One of A Kind mini-album was released September 15, 2012. It currently features the singles “One of A Kind,” “That XX” and “Crayon.