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Watch A-1 “Retinas” F. Xiomara (Video)


It’s kind of surprising, but Bay Area hip hop artist A-1 just dropped a new music video for his track “Retinas” which also features the vocals of Xiomara. As part of San Francisco’s annual Music Video Race, director Alex Weinberg directs a nicely shot and simple video that shows what most lovebirds are familiar with. It does get a little peculiar and strange in some parts of the video. But then again that happens in most relationships.

The video is being described as:

A story of love, regret and the science of rejection. A woman’s journey into self discovery through heartbreak and a man coming to terms with his mistakes.

The original track “Retinas” was available from A-1’s 2012 The Thurl Tape.


Watch the new video below: