Vinyl sales continue to surge, Amazon now carrying over 250,000 vinyl titles

    Want further proof that vinyl is enjoying an unprecedented resurgence? Even the Wall Street Journal is reporting on the phenomenon, pointing out that Amazon has already run out of vinyl stock of the new Metallica album, Death Magnetic. Vinyl copies of the album were all snapped up during the pre-sale on Amazon, meaning fans may have to endure a lengthy wait to get their fix.

    Amazon’s recently launched vinyl store now contains over 250,000 titles, and the WSJ article points out that stockists all over the country are filling up their vinyl racks. "People want to hold something," says Kris Jones, who works in London’s excellent Sounds of the Universe record store. "They like the pictures, the artwork."

    Vinyl sales doubled in 2007, rising from three million to six million units sold, while CD sales continue to fall. Music industry consultant Mike Allen, who has doubtless fielded plenty of meetings in which industry executives try to figure out how to make some money from record sales, calls the upswing in vinyl purchases “a reaction against the commoditization of music. With vinyl there’s something that has innate value–a physical object." Metallica fans who are battling the commoditization of music currently face the dreaded "Not in stock; order now and we’ll deliver when available" message from Amazon.