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Video: Earl Sweatshirt Is Back Or Odd Future Is Trolling Us Again


UPDATE: Looks like Earl is back. 50,000 Twitter followers reached and the song’s released. Earl Sweatshirt Is Back. Listen: “Home” (Full Version)

Earl Sweatshirt just might be back. According to Odd Future leader Tyler, the Creator, the previously “missing” and soon-to-be-18-years-old rapper is officially home. Tyler just tweeted out the following message about his “brother”: “Oh. Thebe Has….I Mean Earl Has A Twitter. @earlxsweat.”

And when you go to that page, you’ll see the following video that clearly features Earl Sweatshirt along with some rhymes (I’m pretty sure) we haven’t heard before. He also says that we need to give him “50,000” of something if we want to hear the whole track, but it gets cut off before we can find out what he wants. Watch it below: 

So this, of course, makes us all think that he must indeed be home. But one minute before Tyler sent out his message, here’s what his OFWGKTA cohort Hodgy Beats tweeted: 

“nowadays people have personal intentions tryna use my ni**a earl. We family ni**a. Earl isn’t free. Fuck fabrication. OFWGKTA #freeearl

In my opinion, dude’s either home or Odd Future is trolling everyone over that story various outlets reported on him returning to Los Angeles soon following his time in Samoa.