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VEVO’s Traffic Is Sinking


For going on two years now, VEVO has been the prickly, ad-packed vehicle of major label music videos. The service, which has a partnership with YouTube, hosts the high definition, official versions of videos from under the wide umbrella of properties that the majors hold. This has led to a wealth of traffic coming its way, as VEVO is the only place to find official versions of videos like Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” that won’t get taken down in five days.

However, internet marketing research company comScore just released an interesting stastic. Over the past few months, VEVO’s traffic has been on a slow decline, and one that is more precipitous than similar falling numbers for YouTube. While both falling numbers can likely be attributed to rising mobile use– the comScore study didn’t track mobile views– the fact that VEVO’s numbers have dropped 17.5% while YouTube’s as a whole have dropped only 1.2% is at worst stastically significant, at best an interesting look at how other video alternatives are gaining headway. For you visual learners, you can check out the graph below. [DMN]