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Velvet Underground’s NYC Library Reunion Q&A Now Downloadable


Most fans of the influential ’60s avant garde-oriented rock band the Velvet Underground probably know by now three of the group’s former members met up at the New York Public Library Dec. 8 for a question and answer session. What most people don’t know is what exactly happened, because in the fan video posted online it was hard to hear exactly what former Velvets Lou Reed, Maureen Tucker and Doug Yule were saying.


Well, the folks at the library have solved that problem by making an MP3 of the event’s audio downloadable (click here). One highlight, as some writers have noted, is hearing Reed speak on how Tucker was the best drummer he ever worked with. But it’s also interesting to hear Yule, who was just out of his teens when he signed up as John Cale’s replacement in the band and was left out of the reunion tours in the 1990s.


Another amusing aspect of this MP3 is that all of the band members’ speaking voices will be instantly familiar to anyone who has ever heard their song “The Murder Mystery.” [NME]