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“Vault” Of Up To 700(!) Thin Lizzy Songs Found


There are “lost” recordings findings and then there’s this: According to reports, a trove of up to 700 Thin Lizzy songs were found in Ireland, after being lost since the mid-80s. Apparently, frontman Phil Lynott gave a friend of his 150 tapes of unreleased Thin Lizzy songs before he died in 1986, and the friend just now got around to giving the tapes to Universal. The material was recorded between 1971 and 1981, and includes outtakes, alternate takes, and many, many new, unreleased songs.

What’s more is that Universal plans to release a box set later this year, culling some of the best material from the Lynott tapes. This is good news for anyone who spent New Year’s Eve singing “Jailbreak” at the top of their lungs. Or was this just me? [BV