Two Guys At An Amusement Park Convinced People They Were Migos

    Fans were surprised to run into the celebs following a recent concert absence (or so they thought)

    Migos pose at a Sirius XM-sponsored event

    For the residents of Cincinnati, Ohio, it has been a particularly big week in Migos-related news. Through living here myself, I have witnessed the completed crash-and-burn of civilization as we know it at the blinged-out hands of Quavo, or rather, a debatably-convincing Quavo impersonator. Our idols are dead, our enemies are in power, and no one feels they can trust their gods anymore. The tri-state area is a hub of anarchy.

    Sure, this may be a bit of an exaggeration but the point remains – the city of Cincinnati has recently been consumed by a rollercoaster of Migos trolling.

    The week began with one of the most highly-anticipated local events of the year thus far: a sold-out concert headlined by rapper Future, which was set to also feature performances by A$AP Ferg, Tory Lanez, Zoey Dollaz, and (notably) Migos. The show did not go exactly as advertised, however. Fans discovered mid-concert that Migos would not be performing on this particular date, leaving many disappointed at being denied the chance to see the hip-hop heavyweights in the flesh.

    Whether or not what happened in the following days was a result of the Migos-deprived local fans indulging their own wishful thinking is a matter of speculation, though it would certainly be a consistent theory.

    Following the concert absence debacle, photos began popping up on social media of fans meeting ‘Migos’ at Cincinnati’s Coney Island Amusement Park. Word even got around to the park’s own staff that the rap stars had spent a day enjoying their facilities, leading them to post a picture from their official Facebook page thanking the group for joining them.

    The catch? The men whom fans had posed with (under the impression that they were Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff simply enjoying a day off) weren’t actually Migos. There was no evidence of the real trio having been seen at the park that day, or even at any point in recent history. The men in the pictures were just (relatively) low-key civilians with a clear sense of humor.

    To their credit, the Migos impersonators did actually boast some ties to the group, as well as an obvious point by which they could have been mistaken for them: one of their names was Migo Domingo. Domingo, himself an up-and-coming rapper from Atlanta, is also signed to Quality Control Music, making him no stranger to the group of his near-same name.