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Tom Waits Releasing Limited Edition 78rpm Record


Tom Waits has got a new record coming out, but it’s going to be something of a challenge to actually play it. Waits has collaborated with the famed New Orleans jazz artists the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, and their recordings together were allegedly inspired by an old 78rpm version of Danny Barker’s 1947 Mardi Gras Indian street chant, “Tootie Ma Is a Big Fine Thing.”


So Waits and his new cohorts have taken the next logical step and recorded a version of the song and are putting it out as a 78rpm single backed by another Barker cover titled “Corrine Died on the Battlefield.” The two tracks will be released on Nov. 18, with only 504 limited edition hand-numbered copies being made available. All proceeds from the sales will go toward the Preservation Hall Junior Jazz & Heritage Brass Band.


So, the big question is: how do we play this thing? Well, that depends on how much you’re willing and/or able to donate to the cause. If you shell out $200 you’ll get the record and a custom-made Preservation Hall 78rpm record player. But if you go down to $50 you get the record by itself, and will probably be heading out to thrift stores to find something to play it on. Good luck with that.


More details available at Tom Waits’ official website.


[via Tiny Mix Tapes