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Ting Tings singer rejected FHM shoot


Katie White, vocalist and guitarist for the Ting Tings, has been making waves with a unique brand indie-inflected electronica, on display recently at South By Southwest. She has revealed, however, that a former record label was more interested in some of her other assets. When her previous band, Dear Eskimo, signed to Mercury Records, executives proposed a marketing strategy based less on music and more on cheesecake: "In our last band we were at Mercury and in the first ever meeting they brought FHM up. I was literally like fuck off! It’s the last thing on earth I would do." The Ting Tings, with a fully clothed Katie White, have plans to hit many of the major festivals this summer in support of their forthcoming album We Started Nothing, releasing in the UK on May 19 from Columbia Records. [Gigwise]


Photo by Chris La Putt for Prefixmag.com