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Ticketmaster starts out on its own—and $750 million in debt


At this time of year, many college students who have just graduated find themselves forced to fend for themselves and account for crippling debt due to student loans. Ticketmaster, which, at 32 years old, would have had to take a Tommy Boy-like route to graduation, finds itself in a similar predicament. Now independent after being spun off by its parent IAC/InterActiveCorp, Ticketmaster has to make up $750 million in debt while facing competition from Live Nation (which has a trust fund from Clear Channel) after the partners end their affair in 2009.


But of course, now that it’s on its own, Ticketmaster has a chance to try out its crazy ideas without any parental nagging. Among said ideas on Ticketmaster’s radar are an increased international presence, pushing its ticket resale options to compete with StubHub and eBay, and supporting and marketing artists who have seen their traditional sources of revenue evaporate. With the amount of market sway Ticketmaster currently possesses, it has a lot of tools at their disposal. But if it can’t make up its debt, Ticketmaster may be brought down not by Eddie Vedder, but with good, old-fashioned capitalism. [Reuters]