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Them Crooked Vultures Plotting Quick Second Album


Today (Nov. 20) appears to be the day when bands prematurely discuss a forthcoming album. The Arctic Monkeys are already discussing their fourth record, and now Them Crooked Vultures, whose debut is not even a month old, have been talking about their second release.


“I felt we’ve only just started to pick up steam. Why would we want to stop now?” said Josh Homme in an interview with British tabloid the Sun. Bass player John Paul Jones agrees with the Queens of the Stone Age singer. “We all know we have so much more in us yet,” he said.


Even Dave Grohl is excited about the band’s second album, and he already has enough on his plate with Nirvana reissues, fighting video game makers, and promoting a Foo Fighters compilation. “When we make our second record, it’s going to be even more powerful than this one,” Grohl said, before keeling over and collapsing from exhaustion.*


*This last part might not be 100% true.