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The Melvins’ Trevor Dunn Calls Billie Joe Armstrong “Little Weasel”


Whoever said rock is lacking band feuds lately will be happy to know that there’s a new one that’s bubbling to the surface. As part of their 51 States in 51 days tour, veteran rockers The Melvins have been submitting a daily tour journal to  Spin  chronicling their journey and entries 19 and 20 written by bassist Trevor Dunn will raise some eyebrows.

In yesterday’s entry, Dunn slammed Green Day singer/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong’s after this past weekend’s meltdown in Las Vegas and his subsequent trip to rehab.

“But to limit oneself to such colorless surroundings is to go mad and there’s nothing worse then some rock’n’roll brat throwing a tantrum and going AWOL just because he can’t keep himself occupied,” Dunn wrote.

“Yes, I’m referring to that little weasel in Green Day. That guy’s main problem is that he doesn’t realize that he is Justin Bieber. He should take some of the green in his wallet, buy himself a green smoothie and relax. What kind of band name is Green Day anyway? Is that in reference to all the chord progressions they continually recycle? But I digress….”

It’s safe to say that The Melvins and Green Day won’t be touring together anytime soon.