The Guys Of Atmosphere Talk About Recording When They’re 80 Years Old

    The group and family sessions concept that Atmosphere’s using to promote their forthcoming album, The Family Sign, just get better with every episode. Previously, the guys chatted with Dr. Ralph Borka about touring and all of the emotions surrounding being on the road. As was expected, it’s not without its goofy moments as the four guys have a great sense of humor.


    And that’s on full display in the fifth session when they talk about what it will be like if they’re still doing this when they’re 80 years old. It’s a legit question, actually, because the whole rapping past even age 40 only really started happening recently. To be fair, it’s still a young genre, but it’s also always been a young man’s game. Anyway, I won’t spoil the therapy session for you, but hearing what Slug has up his sleeves for when he’s 80 is sounding pretty awesome. I can’t wait for the “Mad Wrinkles” single to drop. Only…40 more years!


    The Family Sign is due out April 12.