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The Flaming Lips Releasing 24-Hour Song On Halloween


Because a six-hour song just isn’t long enough, the irrestible nuts of the Flaming Lips are working on a track that with a 24-hour running time. Yes, they’re basically making a tune that you could listen to for an entire fucking day. Ridiculous! But kind of awesome, too. Apparently the track is due out on Halloween (Oct. 31 to all you non-partiers and candy haters) and encapsulates various aspects of life.

Frontman Wayne Coyne told O Music Awards that “it’s a song about death and it’s a song about fucking and it’s a song about life.” Apparently they’re releasing five limited-edition versions of the track that will be placed on a hard-drive and then inserted into human skulls provided by Oklahoma business Skulls Unlimited*. In Coyne’s words, “There’s a place in town that’s called Skulls Unlimited that’s been here for almost as long as the Flaming Lips have been here, and it sells human skulls.” Of course.


*Those five human skulls? Yeah, they sold already for $5,000 each. Goddamn.