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Sweden’s Azure Blue Returns With Another Gem “Tragedy & Changes”


Stowed away in his studio in Södermalm in Stockholm, Sweden the pop songwriter and producer Tobias Isaksson has birthed another fantastic collection of pop gems. His first offering “Tragedy & Changes” is another synth-filled dramatic entry into his discography of new wave inspired writing. His vocals gently floats over the gorgeous symphony of melodies made of keys, synths, drum machines and guitars that whisk you away into the ethereal universe that he’s created.

Fans of the Swedish popsters will be quite familiar with his love drenched lyrics. The yearning and longing divulge itself all over the song. But the more sophisticated and mature production makes the track an even more involved experience. There’s a much darker and haunting sense coming out of the producer’s new track.


The single will appear on his third album Beneath The Hill I Smell The Sea which will be officially released on May 11, 2015.

Stream it below: