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Stream The Thom Yorke, Burial And Four Tet Single


As we reported earlier today, Thom Yorke apparently teamed up with Four Tet and Burial for a 12-inch single, which contains two collaborative tracks from the trio. The single features “Ego” and “Mirror,” both of which were premiered tonight by Four Tet on his Rinse.FM radio show. And like you might have guessed, some faithful listener was waiting patiently with an audio-ripping program to share the tracks with the world.


Bless you, whoever you are, because now everyone can hear “Ego,” which is above, and “Mirror” without resorting to paying some absurd price on eBay. I say that because the pre-orders for the limited vinyl single, which drops Monday, have sold out. Maybe we will get lucky and some more copies will surface, but until then, we will have to chill with these streams. It’s not that bad, really, because these songs are so fucking good that hitting replay on YouTube won’t kill you.