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Stream Miniboone’s New Self-Titled LP (Prefix Exclusive)


After a few EPs and 7″s– not to mention five-plus years of maintaining an ambitious performance schedule– Brooklyn five-piece Miniboone is offering up their first full-length album tomorrow via the Ernest Jenning Record Co.

Miniboone couple humorous, free-associative lyrics suggesting a love of Pinkerton and Brighten the Corners with detailed arrangements which cull ideas from most styles of post-British Invasion pop music; most prominently, you’ll hear traces of new wave, stomp-along ’70s arena-rock and millenial buzzsaw guitar. The influence of the group’s three primary songwriters (Craig Barnes, James Keary and Doug Schrashun) make for a diverse listen– note the contrast between tracks like “Baby I Hope So,” “Roller Skates” and the mellow three-part harmonies of “Magic Eye” (perhaps the record’s best moment).

Miniboone is an energetic and catchy record, featuring crisp pop production by Serious Business’ Travis Harrison. Prefix has the exclusive stream of the full album, as well as the band’s video for “I Could, I Could,” below. You can order the album here.

“I Could, I Could”: