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Stream Marching Band’s New LP, ‘So Much Imagine’


When “Swedish pop” was one of the best-selling words in the blogosphere, Marching Band flirted with commercial success with their 2008 debut, Spark Large. After the release of their second full-length, Pop Cycle, in 2010, the duo took some time for changes. Jacob Lind and Erik Sunbring moved away from each other and their base of Linköping. They also decided to get more personal for Marching Band’s third LP by producing it themselves with a mixing help from Henrik Sunbring at Helter Skelter studio in Stockholm. The result is the 21-tracked So Much Imagine – a confetti of pop songs that seesaws between the two authors’ self-portraits. Today celebrates the release of an album, two years in the making; stream So Much Imagine below.