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Stream Falcons “Aquafina” F. GoldLink & Chaz French


Falcons has signed onto Fool’s Gold ever since a good handful of his remixes has been hitting the net pretty hard the last few years. But now the Los Angeles producer has been churning out originals of his own. His newest track “Aquafina” featuring GoldLink & Chaz French the track hits real hard and you can hear it all in the production. More hip hop driven, it’s easy to see him lighting up even more dance floors this summer considering he’s already been fire at his Coachella and Boiler Room appearances.

Falcons has stated that “As much as my drums and synths are digital, I’m pitching bird sounds into melodies to take you back to somewhere a little more organic…I want to blur the lines musically the way that digital and IRL experiences are being blurred in society.” He continued “The symbol on the cover, though it looks like a basketball, is actually an ancient symbol for Terra.”

Expect the track to be officially released on his Terra EP due out July 17, 2015.

Stream his new track below: