Stream: A Preview Of Lou Reed & Metallica’s Joint Album

    As fellow Prefix editor Nick Neyland noted earlier this month regarding Lou Reed and Metallica’s joint album, Lulu, it was difficult to imagine how his vocals would sound paired up with the metal band’s music. Would they try to fit his style? Would Reed get all wild on the vocal tip? Or would they just kind of mix them together and hope it works? It’s sounding like that third option might be the case from the sound of “The View.” Of course, we’re only going by about 30 seconds worth of music here, but it’s sounding pretty hodgepodge-ish on this track at least. It’ll be interesting to hear what happens over the course of the longer tunes, though, as some go well beyond the 10-minute mark.

    You can stream the snippet of “The View” below. Lulu is due out Nov. 1.