Steven Tyler Maybe/Probably Leaving Aerosmith, Band Could Be Considering New Singers

    You have to hand it to Aerosmith; dudes haven’t made a serious dent on pop culture since they did that awful song for Armageddon, and for the last week, they’ve been the biggest music news in town thanks to their “maybe we’re breaking up!!!!!” fights in the press. To recap: Joe Perry said Steven Tyler was quitting. Drummer Joey Kramer said, no Steven isn’t quitting. Steven joined Joe Perry onstage, and said he’s not quitting


    But now there’s this: In an interview with Rolling Stone, Joey Kramer backed up on his earlier story, and is now claiming that the band is considering finding a new singer, since Tyler seems hell-bent on going off and doing solo material. Kramer claims that the band supports Tyler’s perspective solo career, but they need to put more expensive food on the table for their families, so they’ll continue without him, if he decides to go solo.


    “Just like writers write and dancers dance, we’re musicians,” he added. “We make music. That’s what we want to continue to do, so whatever we have to do to move forward in that direction, that’s what will happen.”


    Rolling Stone’s comments thread has blown up with suggestions of who should replace Tyler, but I won’t encourage that. Because, after all, who cares? But RS readers would like any number of butt-rockers, which seems apt, I suppose. [RS]