State Senator Would Like To Fine Singers For Doing A Bad Job With The National Anthem

    Here’s the 3,459,694,385th story about a legislator using their tax payer salary in a suspect way: A State Senator in Indiana has introduced a bill that will fine singers $25 for doing a bad job while singing the national anthem. The senator, Vaneta Baker, apparently introduced the bill because there was a college in Indiana that had a singer that was changing the words. While Baker says that that’s the intention of the bill–to prevent university or school-sponsored singers from screwing with “The Star-Spangled Banner”–but the way the bill is worded, it could end up being enforced on schools that hire bad singers to sing the anthem. It’s not for sure that the bill will pass, but still. Isn’t there more important stuff going on in Indiana? [Mediaite via Daily Swarm]