Spotify ‘Codes’ Uses Barcode Technology to Make It Easier to Share Your Favorite Artists

    The popular music-streaming service has unveiled ‘Spotify Codes,’ a new feature aimed at making music-sharing even more convenient.

    Spotify Codes

    Spotify’s ’Codes’ is the latest effort to turn your smartphone into a grocery store scanner.

    Taking a page out of Snapchat’s playbook, ‘Spotify Codes’ uses barcode technology to make manual typing into search bars a thing of the past.

    With the new feature, songs, albums, and playlists will all have a uniquely scannable custom code, which can be picked up by your phone’s built-in camera and understood by the app. Codes can be scanned off the screen of your friend’s phone, internet pages, posters, neck tattoos… you name it.

    Watch this GIF demo the experience via Mashable:

    Future citizens—prepare yourself as we enter this new technological frontier lying somewhere between Phillip K. Dick and David Cronenberg, where the job of purposeful nomenclature has been outsourced to autonomous retina scanners in the search for next-level convenience. Pretty soon all human life will be repurposed as a fuel cell farm for a thriving robot ecosystem because we thought the Comfort Click Belt was a good idea…

    There was another time when scanning barcodes was the latest in cool; if you were a kid in the early 00’s, then you weren’t nobody if you didn’t own a Skannerz (purposefully spelled wrong, because that was cool). Sort of a Tamagotchi-meets-Pokemon Go prototype, this toy helped you find monsters in barcodes of household sundries, effectively making you a sort of Men In Black cashier. Never before has that scan-boop made your palms sweat with such anxious anticipation.

    Now the barcode is making a huge comeback in the way of making music easier to share with friends, and friends easier to share with other friends. No more missed connections or missed opportunities, as all knowledge acquisition is simply a matter of point and click.

    Who would’ve thought Stop & Shop would be responsible for so much modern-day social media savvy. Coming soon: Amazon Layaway! [h/t Hypebot]

    Update: Spotify has introduced Codes with instructions this morning on their site: “Say Hello to Spotify Codes” Spotify Codes