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Sound Fix lounge, Williamsburg institution, closing its doors


For those of us who have lived and played in Williamsburg, Brooklyn this past decade – and for the hundreds of tourists who stream here to "check out the scene" as of late – some not so surprising but nonetheless unhappy news is upon us, amidst several false starts and flurries of rumors. It begins with a record store called Sound Fix, which eventually opened a bar and venue adjoining the record store, where free shows were had, mix tapes were traded, random strangers met, and $1 PBR’s consumed on the daily.


There isn’t an official word on why they are closing doors for real this time, but over the past year they have battled constantly with residential neighbors over noise violations, and it’s safe to assume that the neighbors won out on this one, even as the lounge recently switched over to an acoustic only format in order to compromise.


It would take too long to detail all of the great performances that have taken place there, but here is a taste: Beirut, Jens Lekman, Will Oldham, the Hold Steady, the Dodo’s, the Arctic Monkeys, Regina Spektor, and so on. All ages and free, Sound Fix was a great place for unknown and up-and-coming acts alike to play an intimate cafe setting.


Recently, the lounge has also become a hot-spot for comedy in this neck of Brooklyn, and really, what will hipsters do without the laughter and Pabst provided by this friendly neighborhood institution.


Photo Credit: Chris Owyoung/Prefixmag.com



Sound Fix the record store will remain open and unchanged (but without the revenue from alcohol sales, who knows).  Here is the schedule remaining in the twighlight days of the lounge.  Check it out before it gets turned into a clothing store:


 This week for free @ Sound Fix
January 28 8:00pm – Comedy Free Williamsburg
January 28 9:30pm – Totally J/K w. Joe and Noah
January 29 8:00pm – Big Terriffic w/ Max, Gabe & Jenny
January 30 8:00pm – Forewords
January 31 4:00pm – Loney Dear