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Sonic Youth serve as literary muse for fiction anthology


Anyone who’s spent an extensive amount of time listening to Sonic Youth’s back catalog knows the band’s strengths—frightening imagery, haunting melodies laced with guitar squall, a fascination with disturbing bits of Americana, and a mix of defiance, anger, and thrill-seeking. Sounds like it would make for a good book? Apparently, many fiction writers agree.


Tomorrow sees the release of Noise by Harper Perennial, and anthology of stories edited by Peter Wild inspired by New York’s most distinguished art-rock band. Contributors such as Jess Walter, Tom McCarthy, and Katherine Dunn have all contributed to Wild’s project of Sonic Youth inspired-stories, the first notable rock book of the young year. Wild has previously tacked fiction inspired by the Smiths and the Fall; I guess that means that Sonic Youth will actually be the second craziest band to have fiction written about them in this series. Definitely worth checking out.


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