Ski Beatz’s ’24 Hour Karate School’ Dropping Sept. 7

    Yeah, I know. It’s got to be tough to believe that this much-delayed project is actually coming to fruition. But if you believe the video that recently went up at the Creative Control site, then it looks like Ski Beatz’s 24 Hour Karate School will be dropping Sept. 7. Apparently this project was pushed back numerous times because of sample clearance issues when those involved decided to sell it as an actual product rather than a free online mixtape. Personally, I don’t care if I have to shell out some cash for this because, unless it’s changed at all, the track list is still insane. And the leaks we’ve heard over the past year have been at least good, if not great. Oh, there’s also the fact Ski’s production on Curren$y’s Pilot Talk is immense.

    Barring any further delays, 24 Hour Karate School is due out Sept. 7.