Lollapalooza Teases Us With Hangman-Style Reveal Of 2010 Lineup

    Well, this is pretty obnoxious. Lollapalooza revealed the “O”s in each of the bands scheduled to appear this year, which is supposed to come off like a fun Wheel Of Fortune game but is really just a way to get extra publicity for an overpriced and over-crowded festival. I think I see the Dodos, maybe. Stereogum claims to have found Bon Iver. Believe it or not, knowing just a single vowel of the 100-plus performers and DJs get you far. But it does get Lollapalooza’s name in the news. So good job, Perry.


    Lollapalooza is taking place Aug. 6-8 in Chicago’s Grant Park. Passes for all three days are now for sale, at a cost of $190. Check the website to play the guessing game and get other info.


    And if you think you have any good guesses as to what the line-up might look like based on what we know so far, please let us know in the comments below.