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Scott Storch: Wanted by Miami-Dade Police


Record producer Scott Storch is wanted by Miami-Dade police, and no, not for appearing on an episode of Hogan Knows Best and greenlighting She-Hulk’s (Brooke Hogan) singing career; apparently the producer is more than $500,000 dollars behind on property taxes and is behind on child support payments.

The Miami Herald is reporting that Storch owes $511,839 dollars in back taxes on his $10.5 million Miami Beach home. Plus, he hasn’t been paying child support that he agreed to pay in a court settlement for his 2-year-old son. And if that’s not bad enough, he hasn’t shown up in court for a hearing regarding a second paternity suit for a 16-year-old child he has allegedly accepted paternity of, but then stopped paying to support.

A judge issued an arrest warrant for Storch so that he is forced to appear in court. He can get out- only if he pays $46,000 in bond. But he owes his 2-year-old son’s mother at least that much.


No word yet on Storch’s whereabouts. [Miami Herald]